Lil Wayne unveils new cannabis brand, GKUA Ultra-Premium

Lil Wayne, weed
Lil Wayne, weed
Lil Wayne
As the nation inches closer to nationwide legalization of marijuana, dreams of success for many entrepreneurs in the thriving cannabis industry is becoming reality. With weed being a focal point for many rappers’ lifestyles and music, it’s no wonder that some of the top showbiz’s stoners are looking to make a killing from the marijuana business.

Following in the footsteps of his longtime Young Money protégé, Drake, Lil Wayne has officially unveiled his own strain. On Monday (Dec. 2), an official press release announced the GKUA Ultra-Premium brand, featuring the “highest natural levels of THC available”, promising the “best high of your life.” Every product under the GKUA brand has been tried and tested by Weezy himself.

GKUA Ultra-Premium will hit stores in the near future as a limited-edition product.

According to Weezy, smoking weed in the past was all about getting high, but now, weed inspires him. The rapper says that with GKUA, he is sharing a feeling that he loves.

Do you want to try out some high-potency marijuana approved by Lil Wayne himself? You can check their site for availability and where you can legally purchase GKUA products.

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